RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol)

RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol)


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CRICOS Course Code: 000000

This course covers the legal requirements for a person to work in a bar serving alcohol. It focuses on the areas of identifying intoxicated customers, customer service with attention to refusal of service to patrons, compliance with legal issues and assisting customers to drink sensibly This course is designed to be undertaken after the Bar operations course or for persons currently working in the industry. It is a working in venues that sell alcoholic beverages undertake this course. Learn to serve alcohol in a responsible manner in compliance with relevant liquor legislation. Explains the problems associated with excessive alcohol consumption and provides strategies to refuse service and prevent problems before they occur. Accredited by Liquor Licensing Victoria. For those who work in, or who are considering employment in the hospitality industry, either in a food service operation or packaged liquor outlet.

Topics include employees’ responsibility for serving and basic licensing law. All employers in the hospitality industry now require this course to be undertake



    (exluding OSHC)

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    4 Hours

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