We are excited to launch an English hub to cater for the growing need of individuals sitting for PTE or IELTS test, either for student visa or any other visa while in Australia so that you are able to achieve your target score within shortest possible time and save money. Our Training and Coaching methods under experienced supervision is design to assist students. These are non-accredited training/coaching programmes. 

IELTS Coaching

Obtain desired IELTS score. Save time and Money. Plenty of mock tests to help you

PTE Coaching

Are you getting tired of appearing for PTE test and not getting desired score - Look no further


We have come across number of students who has set for PTE and IELTS test in Melbourne, Australia and other parts of the world such as India, China Thailand, Malaysia and South America etc and were not able to obtain the desired score after multiple attempts. We do not believe that our students can not achieve desired PTE or IELTS score, if they get good coaching in reading, writing, speaking and listening skills from experienced PTE and IETS study center. It is a proven formula that you get not master any language purely by online practice. There is one and only trick, you must pay attention in the face-to-face sessions and do lots and lots of practice, both in the classroom and at home. Our Coaching and study center will provide you with required skills so that PTE, IELTS tests becomes very easy for you. It does not matter whether you are sitting for Academic or General Test. Good practice and coaching will ensure that the target you have set for your test for next visa for Australia is easily achieved. PTE and IELTS tests your speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. Expert training and lot of practice as we offer provides you with all the tools required to obtain desired scores. You may also have only one of the four components - reading, writing, listening or speaking requiring more practice. We will assess your skills free of charge on the first day before enrollment and start working on the English skills requiring improvements. We guarantee 100% success and First Trail session and assessment is absolutely free.