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Phishing Awareness Training


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CRICOS Course Code: NA

In today’s interconnected world, phishing attacks have become a prevalent threat to individuals and organizations alike. Phishing awareness training is essential for equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to recognize and mitigate phishing attempts effectively. At Imperial College of Australia, our Phishing Awareness Training course educates participants on identifying phishing attacks, understanding their implications, and implementing best practices for safeguarding personal and organizational information.

Course Overview:

In our Phishing Awareness Training course, you will learn:

  • Understanding what phishing is and how it works.
  • Recognizing common types of phishing attacks, including email, SMS, and social media phishing.
  • Identifying phishing indicators and red flags.
  • Implementing best practices for preventing and responding to phishing attacks.

Course Details:

  • Course Duration: 2 Hours (Evening classes available)
  • Course Fee: $150
  • Entry Requirements: None
  • Course Curriculum:
  • Introduction to Phishing
  • Understanding what phishing is and how it differs from other cyber threats.
  • Exploring the prevalence and impact of phishing attacks on individuals and organizations.
  • Common Types of Phishing Attacks
  • Identifying and understanding different types of phishing attacks, including email phishing, SMS phishing (smishing), and social media phishing (pharming).
  • Real-life examples and case studies of phishing attacks.
  • Recognizing Phishing Indicators
  • Learning to identify common phishing indicators and red flags, such as suspicious email addresses, unfamiliar URLs, and unsolicited requests for personal information.
  • Understanding the importance of skepticism and vigilance in detecting phishing attempts.
  • Best Practices for Phishing Prevention
  • Implementing best practices for preventing phishing attacks, including email security protocols, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and security awareness training.
  • Educating employees on phishing awareness and encouraging reporting of suspicious emails or messages.
  • Responding to Phishing Attacks
  • Understanding the steps to take in the event of a suspected or confirmed phishing attack.
  • Reporting phishing attempts to relevant authorities or IT/security teams.
  • Implementing incident response procedures to mitigate the impact of phishing attacks.



Protect yourself and your organization from phishing attacks with our Phishing Awareness Training course. Join us at Imperial College of Australia and gain the knowledge and skills to recognize, prevent, and respond to phishing attempts effectively. Enrol now and take the first step towards becoming a vigilant and cyber-aware individual.



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