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In today’s technology-driven world, mastering IT troubleshooting skills is essential. At Imperial College of Australia, we recognize the importance of equipping individuals with the ability to effectively address computer-related challenges. Our IT Troubleshooting course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and techniques needed to tackle common IT problems confidently.

Course Overview:

In our IT Troubleshooting course, you will learn:

  • Methods for diagnosing and resolving computer performance issues, such as storage cleanup and optimization.
  • Techniques for document editing and management to enhance productivity.
  • Procedures for installing licensed software and ensuring compliance with software licensing regulations.
  • Strategies for identifying malicious software and implementing preventive measures to safeguard against cybersecurity threats.

Course Details:

Course Duration: 2 Hours (Evening classes available)

Course Fee: $120

Entry Requirements: None

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to IT Troubleshooting
  • Understanding the importance of IT troubleshooting skills in today’s digital environment.
  • Overview of common IT problems and their impact on productivity.
  • Computer Performance Optimization
  • Techniques for cleaning up and optimizing storage to improve system performance.
  • Strategies for identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks.
  • Document Editing and Management
  • Utilizing document editing software to create, edit, and manage digital documents effectively.
  • Best practices for organizing and storing documents for easy retrieval.
  • Software Installation and Licensing
  • Procedures for installing licensed software and ensuring compliance with software licensing agreements.
  • Understanding the importance of using legitimate software sources to prevent piracy and security risks.
  • Malware Identification and Prevention
  • Recognizing signs of malicious software and differentiating between legitimate and malicious applications.
  • Implementing preventive measures to protect against malware and cybersecurity threats.


Enhance your IT troubleshooting skills with our comprehensive course. Join us at Imperial College of Australia and gain the expertise needed to overcome common IT challenges effectively. Enrol now and take the first step towards becoming a proficient IT troubleshooter.

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Course Length: 2 Hours

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