Agent Appointment

Agent Appointment

Imperial appoints the agent after thorough investigation. Every agent has a written agreement containing full information to comply with ESOS Act and National Code Standard 4. Agent details are entered and maintained in PRISMS.

Main Responsibilities of the Agent

Under this policy and agent agreement, the Agent:

  • Must promote Imperial and the Courses offered by Imperial in the Territory as specified under the agreement;
  • In accordance with Imperial policy and procedures, recruit and assist in the recruitment of prospective students to undertake the Courses as listed on CRICOS register for Imperial;
  • Provide prospective students with all necessary information about the Courses, Imperial facilities and services and assistance in completing and submitting application forms to Imperial;
  • Ensure students recruited by the agent are paying their fees on time to the college;
  • Arrange for English language testing of prospective students under the relevant Australian migration regulations; and
  • Perform any other services and provide any reports or information requested by Imperial or required by this Agreement.

Detailed Obligations of the Agent

In performing the Services, the Agent must:

  • Promote the Courses with integrity and accuracy and recruit prospective students in an honest, ethical and responsible manner;
  • Inform prospective students accurately about the requirements of Courses using only the marketing material provided by Imperial;
  • Assist to uphold the high reputation of Imperial and of the Australian international education sector;
  • Take reasonable steps in confirming the accuracy of the information provided by prospective students in the application;
  • Ensure that only signed and completed applications with required supporting documents are submitted to Imperial;
  • Keep abreast of latest marketing information and other course requirements by visiting the Imperial website at at least once a month;
  • The agent must provide current copy of the following documents from either Imperial website or in hard copy to prospective student prior to enrolment  :
    • Living in Australia Handbook
    • International Student Prospectus
    • Student Handbook – International
  • Assist prospective students to complete visa applications;
  • Ensure that relevant fees and charges and supporting documentation accompany each application and acceptance of offer/student agreement documents;
  • Provide any offer documents (Letter of offer and eCOE’s) received from Imperial to the prospective student within 24 hours of receiving these documents;
  • Provide Imperial with market intelligence about the recruitment of prospective students in the Territory; and
  • Only undertake promotional and marketing activities involving Imperial that have been approved by Imperial.
  • Act in accordance with Imperial policies and procedures and directions given by Imperial.
  • Before prospective students complete an application, the Agent must give them information provided by Imperial about:-
    • Imperial and its facilities, equipment and learning resources;
    • The Courses, including course content and duration, qualifications offered, modes of study and assessment;
    • The minimum level of English language ability and educational qualifications required for acceptance into the Course;
    • Visa requirements which must be satisfied by the student including English language proficiency levels;
    • The Course Fees and refund policy; and
    • Living in Australia and the local environment of the relevant campus, including information about campus location and costs of living.
  • The Agent must advise prospective students that:-
  • Students who come to Australia on a student visa must have a primary purpose of studying and are expected to complete the course within the expected duration; and
  • Any accompanying school age dependants must pay any relevant fees if enrolling in either government or non-government schools.
  • Provide pre-departure counseling and any other assistance requested by the student.
  • The Students must pay the course fee on time and as per the student agreement
  • The Agent must also participate in an annual review in which discussion of their business plan may take place which includes provisions on how they wish to carry out the operations of marketing activities for Imperial which will be conducted by the CEO or delegate. The agent must actively participate in the monitoring of its operations by Imperial.
  • The agent understands Imperial’s policy of monitoring agents’ activity and assists them in providing the same.
  • The Agent must not:-
  • Engage in any dishonest practices, including suggesting to prospective students that they may come to Australia on a student visa with a primary purpose other than full time study;
  • Facilitate applications for prospective students who do not comply with visa requirements;
  • Provide prospective students with ‘immigration advice’ as defined in the Migration Act 1958 unless the Agent is separately registered as a Migration Agent under that Act;
  • Give a prospective student inaccurate information about:
    • The Course Fee payable to Imperial; or
    • His or her acceptance into a Course;
  • Receive or bank the Course Fee payable to Imperial by a prospective student or deduct any amount from the Course Fee payable by the prospective student;
  • Make any representations or offer any guarantees to prospective students about the likelihood of obtaining a student visa;
  • Engage in false or misleading advertising or recruitment practices;
  • Make any false or misleading comparisons with any other education provider or their courses or make any inaccurate claims regarding any association between Imperial and other education providers;
  • Undertake any advertising or promotional activity about the Courses or Imperial without the prior written consent of Imperial.
  • Commit Imperial to accept any prospective student into a Course;
  • Use any registered or unregistered Mark without the prior written consent of Imperial.
  • Actively recruit, or attempt to recruit, Prospective Students that the Representative knows to have engaged the services of another official representative of Imperial or
  • Sign or encourage or allow others to sign, official documents such as the application form, on behalf of a prospective Student or Student. The Student’s signature that appears on all official documents must be the same signature as that which the Prospective Student used when signing the Imperial application form.
  • Unless Imperial otherwise agrees, the Agent must bear the cost of advertising and promotional activities undertaken by the Agent under this Agreement.
  • The Agent must terminate any agreement with an employee if the Agent becomes aware of, or reasonably suspect, dishonest practices, including the deliberate attempt to recruit a student where this clearly conflicts with the obligations of registered providers under National Code Standard 7 (Transfer between registered providers, whereby a receiving registered provider must not knowingly enroll the student wishing to transfer from another registered provider’s course prior to the student completing six months of his or her principal course of study) or any of the other dishonest practices outlined above.
  • The Agent must cooperate with the VET Regulator (ASQA) by providing accurate and factual responses to information requests from the VET Regulator relevant to the delivery of services; and in the conduct of audits and the monitoring of operations of Imperial.
  • As an agent of Imperial it is expected at all time from you to follow the Standards of Registered Training Organisations 2015 (Specifically Clauses 4.1, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4 of the Standards) as published by ASQA and Department of Education and Training and accuracy and integrity of marketing.

Privacy Statement

Our Agent Agreements Includes A Privacy Statement As Below:
Our Appointed Education Agent Agree To Their Personal Information Being:

  • recorded in PRISMS. This may include their name, business email address, phone number and address;
  • accessed by the Australian Government Department of Education, Department of Home Affairs and other Commonwealth agencies that access PRISMS;
  • used to administer or monitor compliance with the Commonwealth legislation e.g. Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000, Migration Act 1958; and
  • disclosed by the Australian Government Department of Education to other Australian Government entities (including, but not limited to ASQA and TEQSA), education institutions and publically. The Australian Government Department of Education will share individual agents’ performance publically as aggregated data (but will not identify agent – provider relationships). Agent-provider relationships will only be identified when data is shared with education providers and other Australian Government entities.

If You Agree With Above Obligations And Responsibilities And Keen To Work With Imperial, Please Fill The Below Application Form And Return With All Supporting Documents For Consideration By Imperial Management