Student Support

Student Support

Imperial provides range of appropriate services to support its students during their enrolment with the college. The support services have been tailored to meet individual needs of students and provide prompt response to address wide array of difficulties a student may face, thus ensuring their stay in Australia most enjoyable. Imperial students can access our range of support services by either contacting one of listed staff below or via email at

Position Name Contact Number
CEO Michael Suss (03) 9417 4777
0413 755 890 (AH)
Accounts Manager Gagan Bhatia (03) 9417 4777
Student Support Services Anima Sharma (03) 9417 4777

Student Support Services

Student services at Imperial will include the followings (under some circumstances, student may be referred to external service providers):

  • Student counselling;
  • Learning support services
  • Academic and course monitoring
  • Employment services
  • Legal services;
  • Student welfare;
  • Orientation program;
  • Complaints and appeal process

Orientation Program

Imperial will provide an age and culturally sensitive orientation program for every student at the beginning of each course. The programmes will be structured in accordance with the student coherent. The students will be given support information to assist them in completing their studies with Imperial and their rights and obligations. This program will be appropriate and thorough and allow access to students, including late arrivals and students who begin at different entry points. The orientation program will be reviewed regularly to ensure students are receiving current and accurate information.

Documentation and information to be provided at the orientation includes:

  • Emergency and Health Facilities
  • Legal Services
  • Transport and travel between campuses
  • Study support and welfare related services
  • Security measures
  • Ban on littering, spitting and urinating in public places
  • Imperial fees and fee refund
  • Recognition of prior learning / credit transfer
  • Communication (e.g. internet and mobile phones)
  • Complaints and appeals process
  • Student code of behaviour
  • Course progress requirements
  • Keeping address and contact details up-to-date
  • Student handbook (even though the students were given this copy before enrolment)
  • Imperial staff and contact details
  • LLN support
  • Assessment of competencies procedure
  • Student behaviour procedure
  • Check enrolment status and made any necessary amendments to information
  • Plagirism policy
  • Familiarisation with the key support services of the Imperial

Referral to External Services

At times, it may be required to refer students to external support services to deal with their specific problems or situations. Staff engaged in the student support services will ensure that the students are referred to appropriate organisations and services.

Student support services staff can assist personally and provide with information on many issues such as:

  • Accommodation including student’s rights and responsibilities as a tenant
  • Legal issues
  • Going to court
  • Resume preparation
  • Appointments for counselling and welfare services
  • Personal problem e.g. homesick, loneliness, harassment, bullying

These services will be provided at no additional cost to the student. If Imperial refers the student to external support services, Imperial will not charge for the referral.

Imperial may also invite specialised people from the industry, legal aid, ACPET etc, for the benefit of it’s students