Control Traffic with Stop-Slow Bat

Control Traffic with Stop-Slow Bat


Imperial College

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Traffic Management

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CRICOS Course Code: NA

RIIWHS205E – Control Traffic with Stop-Slow Bat

Course Summary

The one-day Traffic Control and Management course in Melbourne equips participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively control traffic using a stop-slow bat and to implement traffic management plans in civil construction settings. Designed for individuals as a Fresher or Refresher (with prior knowledge), this course is applicable to various industries that involve traffic control and management responsibilities.



Individuals who demonstrate competency requirements will be awarded a Statement of Attainment acknowledged within the Australian Qualifications Framework. This nationally recognized certification validates their achievement.



Upon demonstrating competence, participants will be granted a Statement of Attainment recognized under the Australian Qualifications Framework, providing national recognition.


Course Inclusions:

Our Melbourne traffic control course covers training on the following aspects:


  • Use of stop/slow bats
  • Implementation of traffic management plans
  • Setting out, monitoring, and closing traffic control devices







Assessment Criteria

Participants will undergo evaluation through a short-answer test and a hands-on assessment, which involves the application of traffic control equipment in adherence to traffic guidance schemes.


Material Needed for Training:

Closed-toe footwear, high-visibility clothing/vests, suitable work attire, and a valid photo identification are essential requirements.


Minimum age requirement: 18 years.

  • Participants should be in good general health and fitness. Any pre-existing medical conditions affecting training must be disclosed before attendance.
  • Proficiency in reading and accurately interpreting safe work method statements.
  • Ability to complete necessary paperwork, including risk assessments.
  • Clear and effective English communication skills to explain, describe, and verify sometimes complex needs and issues.


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    1 Day

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